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Welcome to Illinois General Remodeling Services Co., where our commitment to excellence in roofing services sets us apart. Since our establishment in 2018, we have dedicated ourselves to providing homeowners in Chicago, IL, with reliable, high-quality roofing solutions. Our young, yet robust, company is backed by a team of certified and knowledgeable professionals who understand the unique challenges posed by Chicago’s weather. Partnering with us means choosing a company that offers 100% worry-free services, from free inspections to comprehensive support with insurance claims.

Illinois General Remodeling Services Co. isn’t just another roofing contractor; we’re a part of the Chicago community. Our mission is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of each homeowner we serve. Despite being a relatively young company, our robust approach, combined with our crew’s expertise and the strong partnerships we have with trustworthy public adjusters, positions us as a leading provider of roofing services in Chicago. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we bring peace of mind to our clients with every project we undertake.

Our Roofing Services

Comprehensive Roof Repair and Replacement

Chicago’s weather can be unforgiving, with conditions ranging from heavy snowfall to severe storms. These elements can take a toll on your home’s roof, necessitating either repairs or a full replacement. Our team is equipped to handle any roofing challenge, ensuring that your home remains a safe haven, regardless of the weather outside. By choosing Illinois General Remodeling Services Co., you’re opting for durability and efficiency in roof repair and replacement services tailored to Chicago’s unique climate.

Storm Damage Specialist: Your Ally Against Chicago’s Weather

One of our core specialties is storm damage restoration. We understand how hail, heavy snow, and storm damage can impact your home’s integrity. That’s why we offer free inspections and estimates to accurately assess and address any damage. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your residential roofing insurance claims are properly handled, offering a seamless experience that minimizes stress and maximizes satisfaction for Chicago homeowners.

Preventative Measures and Maintenance

Prevention is key to ensuring the longevity of your roof in Chicago’s challenging weather conditions. Illinois General Remodeling Services Co. offers maintenance services designed to identify and address potential issues before they become significant problems. Our preventative measures can save you time, money, and hassle, ensuring that your roof remains in top condition year-round.

Gutters, Siding, and Fencing: Enhancing and Protecting Your Home

While our primary focus is roofing, we also specialize in services that complement and enhance your home’s exterior. From gutter installation and repair to ensure proper drainage around your home, to siding services that not only beautify but also protect your property, we cover all aspects of exterior home care. Our fencing services provide the finishing touch, offering both security and aesthetic appeal to your Chicago home.

Why Choose Us for Your Chicago Roofing Needs

Choosing Illinois General Remodeling Services Co. means selecting a partner that values integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction above all else. Our commitment to Chicago homeowners is reflected in every project we undertake, from minor repairs to major replacements. Our free inspection service, expertise in handling insurance claims, and comprehensive approach to roofing and exterior services make us the ideal choice for your home improvement needs in Chicago, IL.

With Illinois General Remodeling Services Co., you’re not just hiring a contractor; you’re partnering with a team that’s dedicated to making your home safe, secure, and beautiful. If you’re in Chicago and need roofing services, contact us today to see how we can make a difference in your home.

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